Terms of Use

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies – SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies GmbH, Mainzer Str. 99, 56322 Spay (Germany) – would like to extend a warm welcome to you as a user of our website, and to thank you for your interest.

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies delivers cost-effective, rapidly deployable and environmentally conscious rock anchoring solutions for deployment within the marine renewables and offshore sectors.

Please observe the following rules for open and fair dealings with one another:

Responsibility, area of validity, contractual relationship
SCHOTTEL MARINE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH, (Germany) (hereinafter also: we/us) is responsible for the Internet pages (hereinafter also: website/Internet portal) of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies under the domain “schottel-mt.com”.

Use of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies’ website is subject to these ‘General terms of use’ unless mandatory legal provisions apply. If we have agreed such terms with you (or with any third party on whose behalf you act) in individual cases, any supplementary or special terms which take precedence over these ‘General terms of use’ shall apply. By using our website, you accept these terms for the duration of such use. If you do not (no longer) agree with these conditions, you may not (continue to) use our Internet pages.

No contractual, employment or service relationship – in any form whatsoever – is established between you and SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies as a result of merely using our website.

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies provides information and/or documents (hereinafter also referred to as “content”) on its Internet pages which you may access or download. Insofar as no explicit reference is made to a charge for individual offers, we offer our service free of charge (you bear merely your own connection charges and the costs for the (own) means of access used).

Data protection, data transfer
You can read which data we process and how we protect them in our DATA PROTECTION POLICY.

Use of our Internet pages, including establishment of contact, is generally permitted anonymously or using a pseudonym.

Use of data by you
SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies does not tolerate unsolicited advertising (spam). You may only use the contact data published on the SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies Internet portal for the purposes stated there, for your own information or if you have been given prior written consent.

Using such data for commercial purposes (e. g. automated collection) or to send unsolicited advertising (spam) is expressly prohibited.

You may not access, collect, transmit, change, store, delete or otherwise process third-party (personal) data that is intended for a limited circle of users on a SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies portal (e. g. only after login) if you do not (or no longer) have the required authorisation.

Third-party (personal) data that is not intended for publication in SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies’ system must not be made accessible, collected, transmitted, altered, stored, deleted or processed in any other way.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect you may have been the victim of data theft.

Use, rights of use
Fair, legally-compliant use
Use our website for the ‘common good’ and refrain from doing anything that harms others. When using SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies’ website, you are therefore expressly prohibited from:

  • causing harm to persons or violating their personal rights;
  • violating industrial property rights and/or copyrights or other property rights;
  • spreading malware (Trojan horses, viruses, worms, etc.);
  • using our website and/or addresses from it to distribute advertising or unsolicited emails (spam) or inaccurate warnings (of malware, malfunctions, etc.) or to encourage people to enter competitions, etc. (snowball, chain letter, pyramid game and similar systems); or
  • violating common decency in your use of the site.

Treat the people with whom you come into contact with the same respect that you expect for yourself.

Rights of use
Unless otherwise agreed in individual cases, SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the content of this website solely for your own purposes.

The contents may not be sold, rented or otherwise made available to third parties at any time without our express consent. You may not edit, translate or extract parts of the documents made available if you do not (or no longer) have our authorization to do so or are not legally entitled to do so (e. g. right of quotation).

Intellectual property
Irrespective of the aforementioned provisions in this section of the ‘General terms of use’, information, brand names and other contents of our Internet pages, to which you do not have any rights of your own, may not be changed, copied, reproduced, sold, rented, used, supplemented or otherwise exploited without the prior written authorization of the copyright holder.

Except for the rights of use expressly granted above, you are not granted any further rights of any kind whatsoever, in particular with regard to the company name and industrial property rights (patents, utility models, trademarks, etc.), nor is SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies obliged to grant you any such rights on the basis of the use made of them.

Liability and warranty
The availability of the website is only guaranteed insofar as the technical conditions allow. Temporary failures of the service cannot be precluded and do not constitute grounds for claims of any kind against SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies.

Services that are not subject to a specific contractual relationship (including the operation of this website itself) may be discontinued at any time with immediate effect and without notice.

Please note that data transmission via the Internet (e. g. email communication) can be affected by security gaps and cannot be completely protected from being accessed by third parties. If in doubt, send by post.

Liability for content
The contents of our pages have been and continue to be prepared carefully and are occasionally updated. However, we accept no liability for the accuracy, completeness and currency of the contents. We are responsible for our own contents according to the generally applicable laws. We are not obliged to monitor third-party content on our pages – in particular guest contributions or comments – or to search for circumstances that might indicate illegal activity. We will immediately remove contents as soon as we become aware of a concrete legal violation that justifies their removal.

You use the contents of our website at your own risk; the information provided is for non-binding general information only, is intended to enable you to prepare your dealings more effectively but is no substitute for detailed individual consultation when making (contract-related) decisions.

We therefore ask you not to rely on the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information if its incorrectness could entail damage for you!

Liability for links
This SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies website may contain links to the websites of third parties (external links). Such websites are the responsibility of the respective website operators.

By using external links, SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies aims to provide you with interesting and useful information, but occasionally also with critical material. Sometimes a link only serves as a (mandatory) source reference and thus cannot be omitted. The inclusion of external links does not, therefore, imply that SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies accepts or approves the content behind the reference or link, particularly as the external content is (or may be) subject to ongoing modification.

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies has set up an internal process to ensure that when external content is linked for the first time, it is checked in the usual way to determine whether there are any legal violations. If a legal violation is evident at this point in time, this link will be indicated accordingly by means of a special symbol – insofar as the external link is then included at all (e. g. because we are obliged to do so). SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies has absolutely no influence, however, on the current or future presentation and content of the linked third-party websites!

Help to keep the Internet as free as possible from legal violations: if you discover one on a page to which we have included an external link, please send us an email or contact us. We assure you that links to such contents will be checked again immediately and removed if applicable.

Other liability, liability for malware (viruses)
SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies’ liability for defects in quality and defects of title shall be governed by the aforementioned provisions of these general terms of use; moreover, SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies accepts no liability in the case of services, in particular the downloading of files made available by SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies on the internet pages referred to here, for slightly negligent breaches of duty, provided that these do not relate to material contractual obligations or to life, health or physical safety, or affect claims under the Product Liability Act, claims based on the assumption of a guarantee of quality, or claims based on fraudulent concealment of a defect. Damages for negligent breach of material contractual obligations shall be limited, however, to the foreseeable damage typical for the contract. The same applies to breaches of obligations on the part of our vicarious agents.

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies makes every effort to keep the website and its content free of malware (viruses). Nevertheless, SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies cannot guarantee that the website and/or its contents are always free of viruses. For your own protection, therefore, always ensure that appropriate and updated security measures and virus scanners are in place before downloading or opening any content from the SCHOTTEL website!

The above provisions do not change the burden of proof to your disadvantage.

Copyright, ancillary copyright and image rights
The contents published on the website schottel-mt.com – including images – are subject to copyright and ancillary copyright. Any use beyond the limits of the applicable copyright legislation requires the prior written consent of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies or of the holders of rights (authors).

This applies in particular to the copying, editing, translation, storage, exploitation, processing or reproduction of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems.

The unauthorised reproduction or distribution of individual contents or complete pages is not permitted and may even be a criminal offence. The presentation of this website in third-party frames is only admissible with the written consent of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies.

Third-party contents are indicated as such and their copyrights are respected. If you discover content on one of our pages that you believe infringes your rights (or those of third parties), please send us an EMAIL or contact us. We assure you that we will clarify the matter without delay.

Information about images
Right to one’s own image in the case of images of persons
The persons depicted on the Internet pages of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies have consented to the publication of the images on our Internet pages.

If, despite careful checking of the content, a photograph has been published which you believe violates this principle, or if you wish the published photograph to be removed (permissible revocation of consent), you can inform SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies in writing (simply by email). Please describe the image as precisely as possible and indicate the page on which it is located.

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies will immediately remove the image(s) from our website and will not use them in the future if the publication is in violation of the above.

Miscellaneous, subsidiary agreements, jurisdiction
SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies accepts no responsibility for the fact that information and/or documents from the SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies website may also be accessed or downloaded at locations outside Germany. Persons residing in other countries are requested to observe any applicable (sales) restrictions for the corresponding products and/or services. If the legal system applicable to you does not permit you to access our website, you must not access it.

All subsidiary agreements must be made in writing.

These conditions are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. For consumers, this choice of law applies only insofar as it is not opposed by mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which the consumer has his habitual place of residence.

Current version of the terms of use: September 2023