Supporting Anchoring Projects through Geotechnical Surveys & Studies

Surveys are critical to success in anchoring projects. They help us, and you, to understand the condition and composition of the seabed. With a better understanding of the geotechnical conditions, we can make more informed decisions throughout the project.

Seabed with rocks

What We Do

A geophysical survey, which we undertake prior to the intrusive tests, will inform and allow us to assess the bathymetry, depth of rock mass and understand rock mass properties to inform better geotechnical deployment.

A geotechnical survey is a type of site investigation we carry out to gather information about the physical and geological properties of the subsurface soil and rock materials. It involves drilling boreholes, completing cone penetration tests or excavating test pits at various locations on a site to collect soil and rock samples, as well as conducting in situ tests to determine the characteristics of the ground.

Main Objectives

  • Assessing soil and rock conditions at the given site

  • Designing safe and cost-effective foundations for structures or infrastructure projects

The information gathered from the survey is then used to evaluate soil and rock stability, strength, and compressibility, which are important factors that can affect the performance and safety of structures built on the site.

The Outcome

A geotechnical survey typically involves our team of engineers and technicians who are experienced in conducting subsurface investigations and interpreting soil and rock data.

The results of the survey are presented in a geotechnical report, which includes recommendations for an optimal anchoring solution and installation method based on the findings of the investigation.

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Underwater seabed with rocks
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