Our SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies values describe the core of our identity. They serve as a guiding framework for our strategic decisions and help us to achieve the goals of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies.

At SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies, we stand for:


We share our expertise and take responsibility for our decisions. Each individual is accountable for the success and future of SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies while applying the highest safety and quality standards. We hold ourselves responsible towards one another, partners and the environment and care about each other. We use our resources responsibly for sustainable growth and shape our relationships in a responsible manner.


We are driven by the energy in each and every member of our team and the conviction that our technology can make a real difference. The SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies team is passionate about breaking new ground and developing innovative, value-adding solutions. We take pride in our enthusiasm and optimism for the future. This is what defines us and drives us every day – for ourselves, our partners, and our planet.


We believe in transparency and act with integrity. We apply the highest ethical standards in everything we do. Everything we say is open, honest and easy to understand. We are upfront and forthcoming with information and insights and allow our colleagues as well as our partners to question decisions without fear. We work for a company of which we are proud, and that everyone can rely on.


We are supportive and respect our colleagues and customers alike. We create a working atmosphere full of appreciation, trust and reliability, in which every individual is able to fulfil their potential. To deliver safe and strong results for all, we are working closely together and value teamwork as well as diversity. We are convinced that cooperation is a prerequisite for the fulfilment of our goals.