Operational support

Our team are experts who can offer operational support in a variety of ways.

Operations AROV at land
Anchoring Remote Operated Vehicle (AROV)

RAPID Installation using Anchoring Remote Operated Vehicle

Our Anchoring Remote Operated Vehicle (AROV) has been developed in-house to pair directly with our unique groutless self-drilling rock anchors. It simplifies and accelerates the installation of our anchoring solutions, even in tough conditions.


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Anchoring and mooring inspection

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Operation and Maintenance of anchors

Operational Support - Remote Intervention Tools (RIT)

Conducting Future Decommissioning using Remote Intervention Tool

The in-house developed Remote Intervention Tool (RIT) is a multifunctional device that positions itself to the anchor by means of an anchor gripping system. Its functions include anchor and mooring inspection, anchor re-tightening, mooring line fastening and unfastening. 


Geotechnical Surveys and Studies for Anchoring

Surveys are critical to success in anchoring projects. They help us, and you, to understand the condition and composition of the seabed. With a better understanding of the geo technical conditions, we can make more informed decisions throughout the project.

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Seabed with rocks
Underwater seabed with rocks
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