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Rock anchoring solutions from SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies are mastering new challenges in scaling up aquaculture and locating further offshore in harsher environments.

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Anchored in the Fastest-Expanding Food Industry in the World

With the demand for aquaculture booming, lack of available space for fish farming activities is becoming a major challenge across the industry. However, opportunities lie over the horizon, away from the land, where ocean currents are stronger and nutrient cycles more desirable. The result is cultivated fish stocks that are exposed to more naturalistic living conditions.

However, venturing into increasingly harsh environments requires innovative solutions. Designing and deploying larger scale pens that can withstand storms and rough seas are critical to success.

Our innovative solutions provide our clients with the confidence to undertake projects that capitalise on the opportunities presented further offshore.

Ocean farm floating offshore aquaculture
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Securing Profitable Large-Scale Projects

Dependable and entirely secure anchoring is a critical component in every successful and profitable offshore aquaculture project. Typically, rearing fish species several kilometres from shore will add to logistical costs, so safeguarding this precious livestock and the local environment is essential to project viability and long-term profitability, no matter the size of project.

SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies has the capability to optimise anchors for projects at scale, including those that require facilitating fish farming activities in and around offshore wind farms.

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Transferrable Experience from Offshore Energy

Thanks to our experience in delivering complex subsea projects in offshore energy, structural engineering, naval architecture and marine operations, our team have fully transferrable, deep knowledge and expertise in providing anchoring solutions to the aquaculture market and beyond.


Groutless self-drilling rock anchors

Groutless Self-Drilling Rock Anchors

Our Swift Anchors open up previously disregarded or challenging sites with rock seabeds where traditional anchor types cannot be adopted or are not cost-effective.

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Screw anchor piles

Screw Anchor Piles

Screw anchor piles can support structures installed in sand or soft sediment on the seabed. Their rapid installation is cost-effective with minimal seabed disturbance.

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Why Choose
SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies?

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Poised to change the world of marine anchoring

Our patented rock anchor technology offers an innovative approach to secure floating devices in a more sustainable way. It opens up new areas for the installation of floating energy devices that have been considered challenging – until now. In this way, we can help reduce the cost of energy production and pioneer the acceleration of the energy transition.

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Already deployed for tidal energy projects, we have more than ten years of experience in anchoring floating devices for energy generation. Our dedicated team of experts has extensive experience in innovation, research and development, product design and certification.

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As a member of the SCHOTTEL Group, whose roots go back more than 100 years, we have access to certified manufacturing facilities and highly specialised engineering departments. In addition, we benefit from the comprehensive sales and service network comprising subsidiaries, sales agencies and service stations all over the world.

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