Anchoring Solutions for
Marine Renewables

Ocean energy technologies have the potential to provide steady and dependable power outputs, and as such, can become a major contributor in the challenge to reach the worldwide climate and energy goals. With our solutions, we support the development of ocean energies in challenging areas characterised by rock seabeds.

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Tidal Energy The potential in
tidal energy is rising.

Our unique solutions enable successful and predictable energy output from power generated by the accelerated flows of water through restricted channels as a result of the natural rise and fall of the ocean.

These systems minimise environmental impacts, drive down costs and, thanks to the rapid installation target time, create potential where opportunities for installation are short.

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Wave Energy Clean Energy is
Coming in Waves.

Technology such as Wave Energy Converters (WECs) present another opportunity to generate energy from the ocean, offering the potential for long term economic development in coastal regions.

For these projects to be successful, a high level of expertise and cost-effective solutions in rapid deployment of anchors are essential requirements. Often located in harsh environments to capture the power of waves, the need for innovation will help release the fully potential of WECs.

Redefining Anchoring for Marine Renewables

  • 40 Minutes Installation Time

    In the world of tidal and wave energy projects, anchor installation timing is critical. While the potential for developing marine renewable ventures is considerable, project feasibility often hinges on overcoming the challenge of installing an anchor during short weather windows when sea states are as benign as possible. Our pioneering solution was created to address this requirement, with an installation time (deck to deck) target of just 40 minutes in various seabed conditions, from compacted sand to tough basalt, utilising our patented technology.

  • Minimising Environmental Impacts

    Our patented technology achieves industry-leading standards in minimising environmental impact for anchor installation and maintenance. Subsequently, projects are delivered with minimal seabed disturbance, and installation is achieved quietly and tactfully. This innovative and environmentally conscientious approach to projects should have a positive influence in the site consenting and decommissioning process when considered against other solutions – a major benefit to utilising solutions from SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies.

  • Improving Commercial Viability

    Generally, our systems, processes, and patented technologies result in lower logistical costs than traditional gravity and other anchor foundations. The ability to rapidly install anchors in challenging geotechnical conditions and sites, along with our environmentally conscious approach, makes tidal and wave energy projects more cost-effective than ever before.

Screw Anchor Deployment construction site
Screw Anchor Deployment construction site

Expertise from Offshore Energy Anchoring Solutions

The SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies team has gained significant proficiency and accomplishment in executing intricate subsea projects within the offshore energy industry.

As a result, we possess a wealth of transferrable knowledge and expertise, which we can apply to provide anchoring solutions in the tidal and wave energy market and beyond.



Groutless self-drilling rock anchors

Groutless Self-Drilling Rock Anchors

Our Swift Anchors open up previously disregarded or challenging sites with rock seabeds where traditional anchor types cannot be adopted or are not cost-effective.

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Screw anchor piles

Screw Anchor Piles

Screw anchor piles can support structures installed in sand or soft sediment on the seabed. Their rapid installation is cost-effective with minimal seabed disturbance.

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Why Choose
SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies?

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Poised to change the world of marine anchoring

Our patented rock anchor technology offers an innovative approach to secure floating devices in a more sustainable way. It opens up new areas for the installation of floating energy devices that have been considered challenging – until now. In this way, we can help reduce the cost of energy production and pioneer the acceleration of the energy transition.

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Already deployed for tidal energy projects, we have more than ten years of experience in anchoring floating devices for energy generation. Our dedicated team of experts has extensive experience in innovation, research and development, product design and certification.

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As a member of the SCHOTTEL Group, whose roots go back more than 100 years, we have access to certified manufacturing facilities and highly specialised engineering departments. In addition, we benefit from the comprehensive sales and service network comprising subsidiaries, sales agencies and service stations all over the world.

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